Mineral Cosmetics – The Future of Makeup?

What Are Mineral Cosmetics?

Mineral cosmetics are formulations of makeup that are made of minerals that are compressed. Most of the mineral cosmetic products contain pure minerals and have no oil or wax additives whatsoever. Some forms of minerals used may have beneficial health implications for the skin, coupling health benefits with cosmetic results. Many people say that mineral makeup is nothing new and was used in ancient times as "all-natural makeup."

Benefits of Mineral Makeup:

  • Mineral Makeup can help acne-prone skin as the zinc element present in mineral makeup gives it anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties.
  • Zinc oxide present in mineral makeup might also provide a certain level of sun protection since the FDA has given zinc oxide the skin protectant status.
  • Mineral makeup doesn't clog pores as it is in a confined microform and doesn't contain any oil or wax.

Hence, if not, good mineral makeup won't harm your skin at all. 

Where Can You Find Mineral Makeup?

There are minimal brands that produce real mineral makeup. One of such brands is bare Minerals, an award-winning brand that manufactures products from highly purified minerals. Their products are entirely vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are carefully developed with researchers and dermatologists' help to protect and take care of the skin. Bare Minerals believes in reducing waste; hence they promote recycling of beauty products packaging.

One of their award-winner products is the Natural Mineral Foundation. The Natural Mineral Foundation comes in two variants. One offers a matte finish, and the other one provides a dewy finish. The loose powder foundation is extraordinarily light-weight and provides a light to medium buildable coverage. The bare Minerals Natural Mineral Foundation comes with the extra goodness of SPF 15.

The product is free from all kinds of parabens, gluten, SLS, and synthetic fragrance. The best thing about Natural Mineral Foundation is the diverse shade range. It comes in 30 beautiful shades. However, international buyers need to be careful while choosing the shade. At the Cosmetic Express, only six shades of the loose mineral foundation are available.

Is bare Minerals Natural Mineral Foundation Worth Buying?

The mineral foundation doesn't clog pores, making it an ideal buy for everyday makeup as it won't harm the skin in the long term. Moreover, people with acne-prone skin and other skin conditions can safely use Natural Mineral Foundation to protect and care for the skin barrier.