Is The TLM Colour Changing Foundation Working?

What Is A Colour Changing Foundation?

Color-changing cosmetics have been advertised for years, promising to deliver "universally flattering coverage and colour."First, they claim to lessen the trouble of attempting to sort out what your particular complexion and undertone is, and secondly, to find a foundation or concealer to exactly match.

Usually known as self foundations, the market products in this domain generally fall into two groups: one that corresponds to the skin's PH level and a second that uses the encapsulated pigments. These encapsulated pigments retain the colour in an oil or gel form that splits as it is rubbed against the skin surface. It is the encapsulated pigment substance in the TLM Colour Changing Foundation, usually available in thick grey or white solutions.

The TLM Colour Changing Foundation:

The Formula:

The packaging contains a white coloured fluid with some small coloured tiny spots spread throughout. It contains SPF 15 to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The TLM Colour Changing Foundation has a thick creamy consistency. It tends to stick on the skin surface if left unblended rather than absorbing in.

However, it manages to give a matte finish with a slight shimmer. There is an odd, almost musty, and mildly chemical scent on the TLM colour changing foundation. The key to achieve the best results with TLM Colour Changing Foundation is blending and more blending.

Coverage & Finish:

The TLM Colour Changing Foundation gives a more evened out finish when applied with a damp beauty blender. It gets hard to blend the foundation with the fingers as the formula tends to set on the skin surface. The coverage is buildable from medium to full, and one pump is enough for medium coverage.

It effectively covers the redness and under-eye discoloration without the need for a concealer. The matte finish of the foundation lasts for more extended periods while keeping the makeup fresh. The oil control is excellent as well.

Final Verdict:

Well, it certainly isn't the perfect foundation but very close to perfect. Apart from the smell point, it is a relatively effective buy for the price offered. Moreover, the matte finish and oil-controlling properties make it an ideal purchase for people struggling with oily skin types. It is definitely worth giving a go!

Where Can I Get It?

The TLM Colour Changing Foundation is available at the Cosmetic Express. The cherry on the cake is that they provide free shipping worldwide. Get your hands on this fantastic product right now!