Are Eyebrows The Most Neglected When It Comes To Makeup?

Are you also making the mistake of leaving your eyebrows untouched while doing makeup? Over the past few years, eyebrow shape trends have evolved faster than any other makeup evolution. From thin, rounded eyebrows to thick eyebrows with a sharp arch, the eyebrow game has completely changed!

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To Your Eyebrows?

Believe it or not, eyebrows can change the entire look of your face! While many people have adopted the eyebrow trends, there is a significant number of people who leave their eyebrows just the way they are. It might be a choice, but unfilled eyebrows tend to bring down the entire look when it comes to a full glammed makeup look. Where, on the other hand, filled eyebrows can instantly change the whole makeup look. Hence, it is crucial to pay special attention to these small hairy arches present on our faces.

How To Make My Eyebrows Look Better Than Before?

There is a wide variety of products people use to make their eyebrows look bold and filled. From tweezers, to wax, to brow pomades, to eyebrow mascaras, to eyebrow pencils - there is an endless list of products. People start with eyebrow pencil as a beginner as it is the easiest to use product. However, with time eyebrow pencils are becoming outdated as they produce harsh lines that are not easily blended and make the eyebrows look less natural.

Eyebrow mascaras are still a trendy product, and many people prefer using it. There are even tinted gels available for eyebrows. These gels are applied to the eyebrows and then peeled off to reveal more tinted eyebrows. It does the job quite well; however, it is a messy process. Another popular product used by many is an eyebrow pomade.

All About Eyebrow Pomades:

A cream-based tinted mixture that is commonly sold in a small jar is known as an eyebrow pomade. It tends to give concentrated pigment, which makes it ideal for faking hair in sparse areas and outlining the brow's shape. The key to the bold eyebrows we see all over Instagram is pomade.

One of the best eyebrow pomades available is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Eyebrow Pomade. The product comes in a wide variety of shades so that people can find their perfect match. The formula is highly pigmented and takes a while to turn into a matte finish to blend smoothly.

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