Is PHOERA Soft Matte Full CoverageLiquid Foundation Worth Buying?

What Is Phoera?

Phoera is a well-known drugstore brand that offers a diverse range of cost-effective cosmetic products and accessories. They are known for using advanced formulas to achieve the best possible results. Over the past few years, their makeup products have created a distinguished market. They are quite popular amongst people all over the globe. 

Lately, their Soft Matte Full Coverage Liquid Foundation has been gaining much popularity on social media. Many people, including influencers, are posting about it. The reason behind the popularity is that it is incredibly lightweight while offering a full coverage look. This article will explore this product and conclude whether it’s a worthy buy or not.

The Formula:

The Phoera Soft Matte Full Coverage Foundation is available in a lightweight liquid form. The formula is ground-breaking and genuinely effective in its coverage. However, it doesn’t seamlessly cover tattoos. You can build it up to cover tattoos. It offers a medium buildable coverage. The texture of the foundation is quite creamy and silky. It blends out easily and offers a semi matte finish that easily lasts longer than 8 hours.

The product is formulated so that the foundation is waterproof, fade-proof, and completely transfer-resistant. The formula also provides sun protection with SPF 25. The product offers a naturally flawless finish and is oil-controlling, making it perfect for oily and combination skin types. Phoera is a vegan and cruelty-free brand; hence, the foundation has been formulated and tested without harming animals.

The Packaging:

The product comes in a transparent bottle which has a pump attached to it at the top. The pump makes it easy to get the product out without creating a mess. The size of the bottle is not very large, making it convenient and easily travel-friendly.

The Diverse Shade Range:

The Phoera Soft Matte Full Coverage Liquid Foundation comes in 10 beautiful shades. The shade range is exceptionally diverse, making it easy for people to find the right matching shade. The shade range has a foundation shade for almost every undertone, making it one of the most diverse foundations available. There are foundation shades for yellow, pink, brown, golden, neutral, and warm undertones.

The Price:

The Phoera Soft Matte Full Coverage Liquid Foundation is available at an extremely affordable price as compared to other full coverage foundations available in the market.

Final Verdict:

The Phoera Soft Matte Full Coverage Liquid Foundation is undoubtedly worth buying because such a good formula is available at an affordable price. It is a win-win product and shouldn’t be missed. Cosmetic Express, based in the UK, offers worldwide shipping of the product. Following is the link to shop this fantastic product: